Our Apprentice Program
What's New @ Suburban

In our effort towards continuous improvement we have implemented an Apprentice Program. The Apprentice Program is a partnership with Lakeland Community College, Suburban Mfg. Co., and the Department of Labor. The Department of Labor approves and monitors each Apprentice Program in the State of Ohio, Lakeland Community College provides the classroom education and Suburban Mfg. Co., provides the on the job training. The combination of all three complete this unique program. Suburban Mfg. Co., strives to review and accept the top two candidates yearly. As an applicant you are required to provide your high school transcripts along with any other education transcripts available. Applicants should have already established a good work ethic and show initiative to succeed. Acceptance into the program include:
1) Application Process
2) Application Review
3) Interview
4) Decision
Suburban Mfg. Co., Inc. has a reimbursement program for schooling.  All details are available upon request.