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Software – Scheduling and Shop Floor Management





Our ERP software is critical to our business functions as it allows us to achieve absolute business process automation. By using one system, we have increased productivity, reduced operating expenses, improved data flow and optimized management performance. With over 3o years of tested experience in providing robust ERP solutions for a wealth of manufacturing including job shops, Global Shop Solutions was the best fit for Suburban. With Global Shop Advanced Planning and Scheduling we have scheduling accuracy and improved efficiency and at the same time are able to maximize shop capacity planning and flexibility. With our Global Shop Preventive Maintenance, capacity planning is directly related to strategic maintenance scheduling. This helps sustain maximum machine performance and maintenance predictability. Our Global Shop Quality module enable us to save money by closing loopholes in the quality process with rapid changes and an effective cause and corrective action regimen. These are just a few of the ways investing in this software has led Suburban to better operational and financial decisions.